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Product Name : OpenVision

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Real Time Portable Video X-ray  

OpenVisionTM is a light weight live video X-ray imaging system specifically designed for hand-held inspection.  It includes a highly sensitive radiographic imager and battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation. The proprietary intensified video imaging system captures images and displays them on a hand held LCD viewer, head mounted display, or portable recorder with LCD display in real-time.
This portable system is commonly used for Corrosion Under Insulation inspection.  Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection is a term used to address the inspection of areas that exist between the insulation material and the exterior wall of the pipe.  Stripping down the insulation and searching for problem spots is a costly and time consuming process.  The OpenVisionTM OVCF-NDT X-ray system allows you to inspect lengths of pipe work, bends and joints in a matter of minutes, pinpointing any defects without removing the insulation.

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