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Personal Dosimeter PED Blue
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Product Name : Personal Dosimeter PED Blue

Details :
Tracerco™ Personal Electronic
Dosimeter (PED) - A solution for every situation

     The PED Blue is a high quality personal dosimeter, featuring the same design and features as the PED-IS, in a lighter weight, non-IS model. The device can be charged with a direct micro USB  connection, giving greater flexibility and removing  the need for a charging dock. The PED Blue can also be configured to use either 2 or 4 dose
alarm levels, this is customisable through free of charge DoseVision™ software.

The benefits of using the PED Blue are:
• Robust and easy to use.
• Direct micro USB connection for greater
• Large, clear, easy to read display.
• Lighter weight - suited to more applications.
• DoseVision™ software - supplied free
of charge.
• IP67 rated.
• Simple one button operation.

The PED Blue is suitable for:
• Emergency Services & First Responders
• Medical & Life Sciences
• Nuclear
• Industrial
• Oil and Gas Safe Zones.

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