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7C Black
Product Code : KDE
Product Name : 7C Black

Details :

Packaging: Aerosol 450 ml /can, 6 cans / box

Features: 7C Black is a highly-sensitive magneticparticle powder for non-fluorescent (visible) wet magnetic particletesting. 7C Black can be mixed with water or oil and used to findinclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps flakes, welding defects, grindingcracks, quenching cracks, fatigue cracks and other defects.

How to use:

1.            Clean the thesurface that needs to be inspected with remover RM-1 (Super Dye Check).(DryingTime 5 10min)

2.            Spray the whitepaint (WMP-1)

3.            Form themagnetizing current magnetic field

4.            Spray the 7CBlack magnetic particle evenly

5.            Examine thedefective area with naked eye