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Product Code :
Product Name : NABAKEM MEGA CHECK (Penetrant) W

Details :
MEGA CHECK (Penetrant) W
Mega check Penetrant W(Soluble Red Penetrant for Crack Detection in No
Packaging Unit :
Liquid 18L/PVC bottle

• This product is a penetrant for post emulsified coloring penetration and detection, which ensures more cost-effective and safer flammable nondestruction inspection. 
• High sharpness ensuring easy detection of fine cracks.
• Inspection without damaging product is possible. Efficient and cost-effective.
• Noncorrosive 
• Easy-to-use
• Rinsing by using water instead of solvent. Safe and cost-effective
• Welded structures, forging products, casting products, steel plate section, pressure container
• Tanks, pipes, valves, turbines, pistons, engine parts etc.

• Apply it evenly to the surface of target object.
Wait for it to penetrate into object for about 30 minutes.
Clean the object by water and remove moisture. Apply developer.
When developer is dried, sharp red lines around crack and pin hole areas, enabling you to detect flaws.