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Magnetic Yoke MP-A1
Product Code :
Product Name : Magnetic Yoke MP-A1

Details :

Handy Magna MP-A1 Magnetic Yoke

Magnetic Yoke

MP-A1 products use testing method by utilizing the Yoke Method, to magnetize with some or all of test flaws placed between magnet electrodes and detect flaw of the object to be tested by inducting partial linear magnetic field to the test piece. This method enables to easily and rapidly detect surface flaw of forged products or welding, part, etc.



As an ultra compact type and ultra light-weight equipment with weight of the main body of 2.1, this product can obtain maximum of efficiency when a worker uses this product for a long time, and this product is receiving good response from customers.

  • To achieve the best inspection efficiency with small, light equipment
  • To form a strong magnetic field with a AC type
  • To apply dry, wet and fluorescent magnetic particles
  • Excellent durability by using a molding type of rubber material with strong water-proof, shock resistance
  • To perform perfect inspection any place such as laboratory,
  • production plant, assembly parts and welding part.

Standard Configuration :

  • Handy Magna     1set
  • Power Cable       1ea
  • Carrying Case     1ea
  • 45 Deg Pole   1pair (option)
  • Universal Pole 1pair (oprtion)
  • Manual
  • Certification

Specifications :  

Power Supply : AC 220V/50/60Hz

Related Current : 2.0 amp

Distance Between Magnetic Core Center : 130.m

Lifting Power : 5.44kg over

Magnetic Current : AC only

Power Cable Length : 4m

Weight : 2.1kg (including pole) 1.8kg (Pole 0.15x2=0.3) = 2.1kg

Dimensions : 187(L) x 165(H) x 40(W)mm

Brochure :