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Magnetic Yoke MP-100
Product Code :
Product Name : Magnetic Yoke MP-100

Details :

Handy MagnaMP-100

·        Convenient to use dueto manufacturing of super small or super light type

·        Selective AC/DC pulsefunction

·        To apply dry, wet andfluorescent magnetic particle

·        To test variousobjects to be tested by connecting middle poles

·        Easy to repair infailure of equipment

This product is designed to maximizeinspection efficiency by controlling various angles and distance between polesby using a middle pole for connection.

Standard Configuration

·        Handy Magna    1set

·        PowerCable        1ea

·        Carrying Case     1ea

·        UniversalPole      1pair

·        Manual

·        Certification


Power Supply AC 220V/50/60Hz

Related Current 2.12 amps / DC: 0.5 amps

Distance Between Magnetic Core Center 210.m

Lifting Power AC: 5.44kg over / DC: 18.1kg over

Magnetizing Current AC & H.WDC

Power Cable Length 4.5m (VCTF 3P. 1.5)

Weight 2.95kg(including Power Cable)

Dimensions 285(L) x 320(H) x 50(W)mm

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