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Model 989 Baby Scar
Product Code : 989
Product Name : Model 989 Baby Scar

Details :

Model 989 Gamma Radiography Exposure Device from QSA Global, Inc. performs directional beam gamma radiography of welds and the adjacent heat affected areas on pipelines and industrial structures. To carry out its task, the Model 989 contains a Selenium-75 special form sealed source with a maximum activity of 20.0 Curies (740 GBq).

The Model 989 is specifically designed for Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR), enabling safe radiography in areas congested with workers. Moreover, when compared to conventional crank-out radiography systems, the Model 989 significantly reduces the distances to “controlled” or “restricted” areas.

The basic radiography system comprises the Model 989 exposure device and and standard Sentinel controls, either the reel type control unit or the pistol grip control unit. The pneumatic actuator is available as an option.


  • Uses Selenium-75 (20 Ci Max)
  • Directional Beam Device
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Tungsten and Lead Shielding
  • Hand crank or pneumatic actuator operation.

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